Enabling Collaborative Innovation through Knowledge Sharing

Collaboration for R&D and innovation among various organisations can be beneficial and in some cases imperative, but in order to realise the potential, effective management is required. Effective innovation requires firms to share their core knowledge, and simultaneously make sure that they will not lose their core knowledge and future competitive advantage. 

In reality though the success of R&D and innovation strongly depends on the effectiveness of collaboration, levels of trust and transparency as its foundation within the enterprise which then leads to its ability, as an ecosystem, to gain, create and transfer knowledge and resources from within the firm and beyond aka The Open Innovation Paradigm.

Thus the ability for an organisation to comprehend the high levels of technological change and complexity, the ability to access and leverage diverse knowledge-based assets from complimentary sources is essential. Collaboration and networking are becoming increasingly important in the Open Innovation Paradigm.

Creating and Maintaining a viable Open Innovation environment requires the promotion of knowledge transfer. Social Business Software can help organisations achieve this.

Today, collaboration, networking and knowledge sharing can be seen as antecedents of R&D innovation and knowledge creation. The boundary between the company and its environment could be said to have become more fluid, enabling ideas and knowledge to flow much more freely. 


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