The Open Innovation Paradigm Continued….

There is a very important part to Open Innovation that is essential to
its success and that is Social Business Software.

The Success of Open Innovation is dependent on two critical factors:

1) The desire for thebusiness to become more openly innovative; to seek the physical
breakdown of hierarchy and silos within the ecosystem and

2) the successful implementation of Social Business Software to achieve this.

This new ecosystem which collaborates with its own people, its
customers and suppliers will lead to more creative and successful
innovations over time resulting in a truly ‘open’ ecosystem.

The social business software platform will assist with collaborative
internal R&D tied with external R&D resulting in desired business
objectives that shapes the new direction that this coordination and
collaboration sets out to achieve.

Having deployed social business software within an enterprise
ecosystem provides users with a central repository of individual or
group intellectual property.
Another important aspect to consider is that of co-creation. By
co-creating with your customers and with your suppliers your internal
R&D will actually drop but the most important factor to consider is
the real partnerships that are constructed over time.

Tearing down silo’s in the enterprise is not easy to do but it can be
achieved if there is senior management commitment to get this done.
Naturally the culture of the business needs to envelope a culture of
trust and an overall acceptance that everyone within the ecosystem can
contribute, add value and innovate!