What leaders need to do today

I am reading Judgment Calls by Davenport and Manville and there are some really interesting sections in the book that I wish to share today. The book talks about leadership and the issues surrounding judgment calls that leaders have to make and how they, in most part, need to change current approaches and paradigms. The reason why I found it so interesting is that it aligns with Open Innovation, collaboration and social business software…

The first is this… ‘ Great organisations expand the number of people involved in important decisions, because they know that while individual humans are fallible, in aggregate they are usually more effective.’

‘… Great leadership of the future knows the role is not to decide important questions alone, but rather to ensure that all the right things happen across the enterprise so that the best thinking and the best problem solving results in a better answer.’

In my view, it really says that the more collaborative you are, the better your decision making. Remember though that the decisions need to be done in conjunction with data and analytics.

The book goes on to say that ‘ the recognition that “none of us is as smart as all of us.” Social Business Software coupled with prediction data and involving customers in product development are evidence that leading organisations want to tap into the wisdom of the crowd.’


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