so how do you ensure that you can successfully deploy Social Business Software

From one of my earlier posts and building on from my Masters Thesis on the topic, Levels of Trust in the organisation are absolutely essential. The higher the Levels of Trust the Higher the perceived levels of collaboration.

In addition to this, there are a few other things to look at namely:

  • You need to encourage internal entrepreneurship — give people within the organisation to become creative and seek solutions.
  • Groups of Innovators need to be created and these can be sourced from the ‘expertise’ profile within the community.
  • This needs to be pushed hard by the executive but actually at all levels… you need to find those champions.
  • The executive must allow for free, business driven discussions.
  • Negativity and harsh commentary from the executive and other leaders within the organisation will not help. Protect against negativity.
  • Small wins is what you are aiming for in the beginning. Small wins help the organisation WIN big.
  • This process takes time so be PATIENT.
  • KISS (keep it simple s…..). Don’t make this too complex.
  • Plan, Act, Decide, Implement.

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