What Enterprise Collaboration can deliver to your Organisation

Other than the ability to perform a variety of tasks, creating more efficient and streamlined processes for the enterprise and greater chance of increased and better innovations, Social Business Software has further distinct advantages. In this blog, I am going to highlight a few:

Collective Intelligence:

This is defined as the pooling of small and incremental community contributions into a coherent, useful body of knowledge. By posting a question to a community regarding a certain problem or issue, the community, through aggregation and discussion forums deliver a great solution.

Expertise location:

This is about finding the right expert within your community. This person who can deliver the right solution, the right idea and even the right innovation. Here you focus on selective intelligence as opposed to collective intelligence. Here you are trying to find someone with the exact knowledge you need.

Emergent Structures:

This is when employees discover how things work in an organisation. This will present a user with the actual and perhaps informal ways goals are attained in the organisation.

Interest Cultivation:

This is aimed at collecting people and content around a common interest with the goal of growing the community and increasing the level of engagement. Highly active people, with the right things to say, rise in ranking prominence within the Social Business platform. This can be linked to HR KPI’s which can elevate an employee even leading to promotion.


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