So how do you ensure Social Business Software deployment success?

Organisational Success with Social Business Software deployment is actually a leadership and management challenge. It is not technology implementation. When this deployment is successfully implemented organisations will create greater value for all of its stakeholders.

A social organisation is one that applies mass collaboration to address significant business challenges and opportunities. Over time it becomes more agile, produces richer outcomes and can develop entirely new ways of operating that is only really achievable through mobilising the collective talent, energy, ideas and efforts of communities.

A Venn Diagram explains this best:


Communities are collections of individuals who come together to pursue common purpose

Purpose is what draws people together into a community. It defines a community. It is what leads members to contribute their knowledge, experience and ideas. It is the measuring stick for assessing the effectiveness of the community, the suitability of social software selected and the effectiveness of management guidance. A Strong Purpose will attract people to create and contribute to a community. It provides value to the enterprise and that value is what motivates firms to adopt social business software platforms or sponsor collaborative communities.

The Six Principles of Mass Collaboration will be presented in my next blog post.


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