Creating your Organisational Tribe With Social Business Software

A national software development business in South Africa which employs a large number of people nationally. The business, Alacrity, is a well respected provider of services to the financial services industries.

As a result, the staff are oftentimes dispersed not only geographically but also at various large corporate financial services businesses with very different corporate cultures.

About six months ago, Alacrity deployed WyseTalk Social Business Software. Through the training offered by the WyseTalk team, champions were chosen within Alacrity who were tasked with driving this new communication and collaboration platform from within. As people became accostomed to this new paradigm, they started asking each other advice and solutions were quickly found from within.

One day, an Alacrity team member, Mary, had a problem with a certain type of report writing. Ordinarily she would have to email HR who in turn would have to find the person with the requisite skills. This process is highly inefficient as it could take days for them to make contact with each other. Furthermore, the time wasted would have been costly to the client and immensely frustrating for Mary.

Mary chose instead to post her question on the Alacrity community on WyseTalk and within minutes Jonathan, who was at a different client in a different province provided her with the solution. The CEO of Alacrity noted the quick assistance and publicly recognised Johathan for his assistance.

From that point onward, the relevance of WyseTalk as a Social Business Software Solution had been made and over the following months, people were asking questions and people were providing answers.

Alacrity will remain a geographically dispersed business, but now there is a great sense of camaraderie or as us South Africans like to call “Gees!”


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