How Social Business Software creates an Innovative Culture

A recent case study by a national business in South Africa and one of the earliest adopters WyseTalk’s Social Business Software yielded an amazing case study.

The Company, a national retail chain deployed WyseTalk to improve efficiency and innovation from within and asked their employees for ways in which they could improve their current functions and processes. A few days later, the Personal Assistant to one of their National Operations Managers posted that she had come up with a solution which would make their procurement more seamless and less prone to errors or shrinkage. The Financial Director noted the post and the new solution was implemented a week later.

The Financial Director stated that this new solution would save the company in excess of R 250,000 per annum. The Personal Assistant was recognised within their WyseTalk Community by other senior executives and was rewarded for her efforts.

The resultant “green shoots” emerging throughout the business has seen the Return on Investment realised.

Global emperical evidence already exists with regard to the benefits of Social Business Software, but this is a South African Business with a South African Social Business Software Platform aligning to re-define how innovation can successfully migrate from a Closed Innovation Paradigm to an Open Innovation Paradigm.


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