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An introduction might be best….

My tipping point came in 2008 after I sold my building company to a JSE listed entity in a multi-million rand buyout. It was time to take a break from the fast-paced world of running 19 factories across the country and being responsible for 600+ staff. As it turns out the answer lay in an EMBA from the UCT GSB. It could’ve been the dynamic learning environment or perhaps a chance encounter with a fellow student that prompted the next dramatic shift in my focus; whatever the story, I’m well on my way to leading SA’s first social business software and collaboration company – Wysetalk. Not to be outdone by the academics or the techies that wax lyrical on the subject, I wrote my EMBA thesis on the “delay of social business software adoption in the enterprise and its effects”, and I’m gaining widespread international appeal for my opinion and leading approach that could see local companies outpace their international counterparts when it comes to adopting social business software to achieve collaboration, open innovation and communication objectives. My thoughts in this blog focus on social business and open innovation. My perspective is rooted in Africa.